Product Care

Are you wondering how to best care for your Kyi Kyi? We've made it easy to keep your beloved pieces looking their best!

Whether your pom is fur or faux, you’ll want to brush it every now and then so it stays fluffy! If you find that your pom isn’t as big and soft as it was when you first got it, don’t worry, just run a brush through it to plump it up!


Life gets messy sometimes, we know! If you need to clean your knit, we recommend spot cleaning with some cold water and a mild detergent. We love the one by The Laundress. It’s a shampoo made specifically for wool and cashmere and it’s super gentle on the fabric. Dry Clean for a more thorough clean. 

Do not put your Kyi Kyi in the washer or dryer. Do not iron.


Caring for your Kyi Kyi is super easy so you don’t have to worry about it! Want to see just how it’s done? Check out our step-by-step video here!